Night vision drones are catching dangerous drivers!

Jul 23, 2019 | Motoring News | 0 comments

Police in London have launched a groundbreaking new trial that uses drones to catch drivers speeding. 

The drones, equipped with night vision capability, are able to catch dangerous drivers along some of the capitals busiest routes. 

This technology has been used in London skies from July, the first initiative of it’s kind in the UK. Police say the drone can work at both higher and lower altitudes and is only being used to identify those travelling at dangerously high speeds. The footage is then passed onto the officers on the ground who then pull over the offending motorists.

This drone is now being used on major routes where offences are common, such as the A10 where there has been eight fatalities in the last two years alone. 

If this scheme proves successful, it could be seen on more of the capital’s roads, as well as other regions across the country.