Alexa to come to every vehicle!

Jul 23, 2019 | Motoring News | 0 comments

Can you imagine that Amazon digital voice assistant in your car? It could happen! 

Amazon and various car manufacturures began working together in 2016. At first, Alexa could report fuel levels and start vehicles the next stage was getting her working through car sound systems. 

The first targets would be luxury brands as upscale vehicles are more likely to include over the air (OTA) updating, so they fit best with Amazon’s frequent software updates. 

Amazon’s Curic is keeping very quiet about the number of automakers with which his group is talking or even naming names. Audi and BMW Group are leading the parade at this point, including BMW’s Mini brand! 

According to an Audi spokeswoman, Alexa first appeared in Audi’s new e-tron all electric crossover. The next vehicle in the brand with Alexa onboard will be the upcoming, redesigned Q3 eventually leading to all models being fitted.