Now They Want to Stop You Parking On The Pavement

Sep 10, 2019 | Motoring News | 0 comments

Parking on the pavement could be banned in the latest war on drivers. 

Other than London, it is legal to park cars and vans on kerbs on our streets. However the Commons transport committee has advised it is time for an outright ban across England, as parts of the country suffer from ‘parking anarchy’. 

The committee inquiry into the issue received more than 400 written submissions, mostly from the public. 

The chairman Lilian Greenwood MP said: ‘Motorists may feel they have no choice but to park on the pavement and many try to do so in a considerate way, but evidence to our inquiry revealed the impact on those with visual and mobility impairments and people with children.’

Parking on pavements in London is an offence and has been since 1974, you will end up with a £70 fine!