Just passed your driving test – how to get over your nerves?

Aug 4, 2022 | All About Cars | 0 comments

It’s an amazing feeling when you find out you’ve passed your driving test.Finally, all those lessons have paid off. But then it dawns on you that you won’t have someone by your side at all times when you’re driving.

It can be extremely intimidating and nerve-wracking to drive alone for the first time after passing your driving test, but hopefully with a few of these pointers you can calm your worries and concentrate on enjoying driving!

Create a comfortable environment 

If you feel comfortable and like you can concentrate on driving with sound, then put some of your favourite songs on, a podcast or listen to the radio.

Remember though, you can’t use your phone while driving as this is illegal, so try and opt for a car with an integrated infotainment system. 

Make other drivers aware

Fitting ‘P’ plates to your car can help prevent other drivers pressuring you out on the roads. If they see you’ve just passed your driving test, they’re likely to be more lenient and understanding, and as a result give you a calmer and less stressful time in the driver’s seat.

Start on quiet roads

People say you only fully learn how to drive when you’re on the road by yourself. So, if you’re not feeling confident and don’t feel as though you’ve got all the manoeuvres and driving etiquette under lock and key, try venturing around quiet roads by yourself first. Putting yourself under pressure to tackle busy roundabouts and complicated junctions will only make your nerves worse and make you not want to go driving by yourself in the future if something goes wrong.

Try to keep your friends out of your car

You’d think having your friends with you in the car when you’ve first passed your driving test would be good moral support, but sometimes it can be more distracting. It’s so important to remove any distractions when you’re first driving on your own, so you can fully concentrate on the road and operate the car safely.

Bring a member of family with you

If you’d feel more comfortable driving with your mum, dad, brother, sister or best friend, ask them to come along with you for a short drive around your area. Sometimes having someone you trust there with you can help you feel more safe and at ease, and over time improve your confidence. 

Remember, you’re not alone

All drivers were once in your position; apprehensive and overcautious when they had to drive alone for the first time after passing their driving test. 

However, with time and practice, you will become more accustomed to the experience of driving alone. So, plan your first solo drive and get it over with! You’ll feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and be incredibly happy you took the leap.

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