A Look Back at The Best Cars of 2021 | LMC

Dec 15, 2021 | The Hub | 0 comments

There’s no doubt, 2021 was a spectacular year for cars, especially with the rollout of even more electric cars. The car industry has certainly had a tough time during the month of 2020 and there have been continued repercussions in 2021, but the cars listed below are proof that car manufacturers are consistent, and still give us quality vehicles. Keep reading to find out our top contenders from the year of 2021.

1) Fiat 500 Cabrio

The all new electric Fiat 500 Cabrio is certainly unique; being the world’s only four seater electric convertible. It’s retro styling both on the interior and exterior are equally impressive, with a great build quality as well as an infotainment system that is easy to use. This car is brilliant for city driving with its light steering and tight turning circle.

Seeing as it’s all electric too, how does it fair range wise? Well, this car can actually travel further than many electric rivals of a similar price, at 188 miles, thanks to its 42kWh battery.

This is certainly a stylish car and is overall very fun to drive. 

2) BMW 4 Series

While the exterior looks aren’t to everyone’s tastes, the BMW 4 series promises to give you a fantastic drive, even compared with the 3 Series saloon it’s based on. This car is available in two trim levels; the 420i and the more powerful four wheel drive m440i, you’ll be getting an incredible engineered car, that is great fun through the corners and still maintains comfort for the driver.

The interior looks very upmarket and feels very cohesive and you get arguably one of the best infotainment systems in the class. Practicality is also great, with space in the boot being bigger than you may think.

3) Kia Sorento

When it comes to practicality though, the Kia Sorento certainly wins. This is one of the few cars of 2021 that can seat seven passengers in complete comfort, especially during motorway driving. Not only that but the interior has a smart design, with chrome and black trimmings throughout. Kia has also made its way into the world of electric with the Sorento, offering a self charging hybrid and plug-in hybrid version, so it’s perfect for those looking for a green SUV. 

4) Skoda Octavia iv Estate

The Skoda Octavia Estate is an extremely versatile car as a result of its generous sized boot. As a plug-in hybrid, it can travel for 41 miles on electric power alone, and gives drivers 188.3mpg. It’s zippy engine coupled with silent power makes it a great car for both motorway and city driving, and it’s also extremely comfortable and smooth. By plug-in hybrid standards, its one of the cheapest available on the market even though its one of the more expensive versions of the Octavia. 

5) Volkswagen ID3

The ID3 is a class of electric car that is one of the best in the industry as VW’s first electric car based on a bespoke electric platform. Having replaced the e-Golf, the ID3 gives motorists a family sized car with green benefits. There are a variety of battery sizes which will vary the performance and range of each model and thus the price. The entry level 45kWh battery can give you an official range of 217 miles on pure electric power while the higher spec 77kWh battery has an official range of up to 336 miles on full charge. The Volkswagen ID3 is comfortable, spacious, and a great all rounder and could be the car that convinces drivers to switch to all electric.

There were so many wonderful cars to pick from launching in 2021, but we believe that these provide customers with ample options and variety, ranging from family sedans to tiny city cars. Do you have any suggestions for additions to the list?