Parallel Parking

Sep 29, 2022 | The Hub | 0 comments

Most drivers probably detest and avoid parallel parking more than any other manoeuvre. This is because it’s probably one of the most difficult driver manoeuvres to master; trying to get your car to fit perfectly between two already parked vehicles.

Did you know that it actually requires the average British driver two tries to parallel park correctly? A lot of drivers have even confirmed that they rely on technology to assist them.

Why do people find parallel parking so difficult?

Parallel parking puts you under a lot of stress and pressure. The worry of accidentally damaging another car or your own, having other drivers waiting for and watching you, and even having a passenger in your car can exacerbate stress when it comes to parallel parking.

However, with driving technologies improving, parallel parking just got a whole lot easier. 

What are some of the technologies that people use to help with parallel parking?

Car manufacturers installed parking sensors and reverse cameras in some vehicles that are now regarded as being fairly old to aid in the parallel parking technique.

However, now, car brands offer a self parking feature on a lot of their models. When you drive past a parking space, the self parking assistant will notify you that it’s found a space that will match the size of your car. Stop your vehicle, then select a gear when your car alerts you too, and remove your hands from the wheel… the car will do the rest!

On some luxury car models you can actually stand outside the car and use a remote control feature on your key or smartphone to park the car too.

Why are smaller cars easier to parallel park? 

If you decide to parallel park, having a smaller, more manageable car that is easier to manoeuvre into small spaces won’t overwhelm you as much as trying to park a big SUV would.

Additionally, you can judge the boundaries of your car more accurately, which improves how you assess your position when making turns. They are also much lighter, making them easier to control.

Some of the best small cars to parallel park:
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Aygo 
Smart Car
Mini Cooper
Fiat 500

What are other parking manoeuvres that drivers prefer to avoid? 

Reverse parking into a bay and reverse parking around a corner are the next two most difficult parking manoeuvres that drivers tend to avoid.

Reverse cameras and self-parking cars can again be very helpful in this situation because they reduce the anxiety that comes with backing into a space blindly and give you an extra set of eyes without anyone else being present to assist you.