Vauxhall Mokka Review

Sep 20, 2022 | All About Cars | 0 comments

If you’re a driver, then there’s no doubt you would have seen the ‘old version’ of the Mokka on our roads. The original Mokka was one of the most popular cars over the past few years, partly because it had some incredibly attractive finance options available. The ‘new version’ of the Mokka hopes to replicate the ‘old version’s’ popularity… But, with increased competition out there in the small SUV market – Skoda Kamiq, Toyota CH-R, Volkswagen T-Roc – is the ‘new version’ of the Mokka worth your hard-earned cash over its rivals.

We are reviewing the petrol, 1.2 Turbo Petrol 130PS, Manual.


Let’s start with the obvious question everyone wants to know – is the ‘new version’ of the Mokka as good as the ‘old version’? The simple answer is ‘yes’. The second question everyone wants to know is – is the ‘new version’ of the Mokka better than the ‘old version’? Read on, and make up your own mind.

The most obvious different between the two versions is the exterior. For many, the ‘new version’ of the Mokka is more stylish and eye-catching – with its up-to-date looks, the Mokka now fits perfectly alongside other rivals such as the Toyota C-HR. These new looks have proven a hit with motorists – younger families in particular have now taken notice of the Mokka. The sharp modern style of the exterior is almost a complete redesign from the ‘old version’ – so much so in fact, that many people have wondered why it’s named a Mokka at all.


The interior is exactly what you’d expect from a 2022 car. Giving you, among other things, and depending on what model you’ve chosen to buy, heated front seats, heated steering wheel, satellite navigation, touchscreen, keyless entry & start, electronic climate control, storage pockets on the back of seats, 2x rear USB ports… We only have a couple of disappointments here, the lack of a rear passenger overhead light, and the boot size. While the boot size is not small by any means, it does fall behind its rivals in this area – it should be big enough for your weekly shop, but if you’re heading away with the whole family for the weekend, you might find it a squeeze to pack everything in. While not a deal breaker, it’s something worth taking note of.

As far as the rear passengers are concerned, they’ll be driving in comfort, and thanks to the two USB ports available to them, they’ll have easy enough power to charge up their devices to entertain themselves on those longer journeys – this is particularly welcome if you have younger children and want to avoid those ‘are we there yet’ questions.

The built-in 10-inch colour touchscreen display on this model doesn’t disappoint. Coming with tech such as satellite navigation, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, bluetooth connectivity, and DAB, this is one of the best touchscreen displays available. And, like most new cars out there today, you can also control things such as the A/C and radio volume from the display too.


As for the drive itself, you can expect a smooth drive, and if you’ve got the model we’re reviewing here, then you can expect a speedy drive too. The more speedier gears are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but you can still feel the turbo power under your feet when in the higher gears too – which is a nice feeling for a small SUV. Even if you have passengers, the speedy pull away is still there. When comparing the Mokka to its rivals such as the C-HR, this Mokka model does feel more powerful, and a little more fun to drive because of it.

Despite it being an SUV, the steering feels light and responsive, and feels like you’re driving a smaller car, which is a great thing if you’re heading into town or squeezing into a tight parking space. We really have no complaints when it comes to the handling on the Mokka – it’s truly a nice smooth drive, even on harsh roads.


Still haven’t made up your mind – ‘old version’ or ‘new version’ – then consider the following… Like most things in life, it all depends on personal taste and circumstance. Sure the ‘new version’ has all the latest tech and new stylish looks to go with it, but the ‘old version’ is still an amazing car to own – plus, you can get some amazing used car deals on them too. If you’re on a budget, we say go with the ‘old version’, but if you have a bit more cash to spend, get the ‘new version’, you won’t regret it. Contact us at LMC now and we’ll help you find your dream Mokka.


Stylish looks
Comfortable interior
Great tech


Boot size
No rear passenger overhead light