The Best Cars for New Drivers

Apr 8, 2022 | All About Cars | 0 comments

Ready for the open road

As a new driver, it can often be a little overwhelming to decide on what type of car you should invest in. Indeed, in many cases, this may be one of the most challenging decisions you will face after you pass your test. When looking for a first car, you must consider several key factors to help influence your decision.

First things first

One of the first things we all consider when purchasing a car is the price. Indeed, for many first-time drivers, funds are incredibly restricted – so, whether you’ve borrowed from the bank of mum and dad, or have saved money yourself, it’s important to spend your cash wisely. It’s not uncommon for many first-time drivers to have around a few thousand or less to fund their first car – if this is you then perhaps consider car finance as spending such little on a car will probably give you more pain in the long run due to likely repairs.

Most of us want a vehicle capable of providing a smooth and controlled driving experience. You might want to own a small sports car for example, but that’s certainly not advisable as a first car thanks to them normally being harder to maneuver and far more costly. Instead, you should ideally look for a model that’s compact, easy to drive, and comfortable. Don’t forget, any accidents could leave you in a terrible situation when it comes to insurance and even confidence, so know your limits when choosing your first car.

You should also consider whether the car has any additional features and what you’d need for your journeys – things such as a built-in satnav, reversing sensors, or reverse camera. These often prove invaluable when heading out on the road for the first time alone.

With all our advice in mind, what cars should you consider? Whether you’re buying new or second-hand, you should consider our following suggestions.

Volkswagen Polo

It’s a classic model that everyone knows that doesn’t compromise on quality. The Volkswagen Polo is generally solidly built with luxurious interior design and plenty of space. It’s also perfect for new drivers as it’s easy to drive. It’s perhaps not the most “fun” car out there, but as a new driver, you need to focus on honing your skills rather than having too much fun and forgetting about the road ahead of you.

For 2022, the sixth-generation Volkswagen Polo offers the best system yet – but the price tag can be a little eyewatering for a new driver. With this in mind, second-hand models from earlier generations could be a much more affordable and practical option while still providing a great little car overall.

Seat Ibiza

Like all the cars on this list, whether you’re buying the Seat Ibiza new or second-hand, you get a lot for your money. Depending on the chosen model, the Seat Ibiza comes with everything you could ever wish for – a full touchscreen media system, air conditioning, parking sensors, cruise control, and Bluetooth, to name just a few features. The car is easy to drive and a great choice.

Fiat 500

Cheap to run and, if we say so ourselves, rather cute in terms of design. For such a small car, there’s a lot to love here. The Fiat 500 is extremally popular with younger buyers and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for a car to get you from A to B then look no further than the range of Fiats on offer – the Fiat 500 has a unique charm that other cars in its category struggle to match.

Volkswagen Up!

If you’re looking for a model that can provide excellent driving potential on a budget, then the Volkswagen Up! might be just the car you need. It perhaps won’t turn heads as much as others on this list, but it nevertheless offers a pretty fun ride. The high fuel efficiency is definitely a key selling point, which can be an ideal option for first-time drivers with more limited budgets. Plus, with ample space for four passengers, it’s great for taking the friends out on a celebratory drive around town after passing your test.

Nissan Micra

Falling into fairly low insurance groups (1-11), and priced reasonably compared to many other similar cars out there, the Nissan Micra is an exceptionally versatile hatchback. While you’ll likely want to upgrade at some point in the future, it’s an excellent car to get started with for its cost-effectiveness and stability to run. Plus, it usually comes with excellent tech systems, such as top-class Bose audio, which makes it all the more enjoyable as a first car.

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