Best Hatchbacks For Motorway Driving

Feb 22, 2022 | All About Cars | 0 comments

Volvo C30

A premium hatchback, the Volvo C30 was built on the same platform as the Ford Focus. A key advantage of this car is the incredibly reliable engine along with having the perfect balance of torque to accompany it.

The 2.4L engine puts out 177 brake horsepower, and achieves 0-60mph in 7.5 seconds. You’ll also get approximately 45mpg and it is a reasonably cheap car to insure, making it one of the most economical cars on this list for motorway driving. 

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta remains a cult favourite and for good reason – it’s a car that can handle just about any driving situation from city roads to motorways. The EcoBoost engines offer a lot of power and an average of 50mpg too.

Other features that come as standard include lane keep assist and automatic hazard warning lights in case of sharp braking.

Ford Focus

Another of Ford’s hatchbacks makes the list, and this time it’s the Ford Focus. At motorway speeds, any noise is very suppressed, and if you opt for the 1.5L engine, you’ll get a lot of power but you’ll also still benefit from good fuel efficiency, giving you an estimated 52.4mpg.

Volkswagen Golf 

The Volkswagen Golf is yet another popular hatchback that sets the standards. It’s suited perfectly to small families, couples and singles. You’ve got great fuel efficiency, ample and comfortable interior space which also provides an extremely comfortable driving position for motorway journeys, quality engineering and great handling.

You can expect to get 42mpg from the mild hybrid versions of the Volkswagen Golf.

Skoda Fabia

For a cheap supermini, the Skoda Fabia gives one of the smoothest rides in its class. You’ll also benefit from a large interior as well as an average of 45mpg when driving smoothly.

The only downside that owners have mentioned is the soundproofing could be improved, as you can hear a fair bit of road noise when travelling at high speeds.

SEAT Ibiza

The SEAT Ibiza is a great choice if you’re looking for a compact family car with plenty of interior space for transporting luggage and passengers.

When driving on the motorway, the longer wheelbase helps to keep the car stable, and the direct steering will make you feel very secure and in control while driving. Road noise is also nicely kept to a minimum compared to other smaller hatchbacks.

You can expect to get an mpg figure of between 57 and 74 with the latest engines, and the more up to date models also come better equipped with standard safety equipment such as emergency braking and fatigue alerts.

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