Get your car summer ready

Jun 11, 2021 | All About Cars | 0 comments

Heading out on the roads this summer and want to make sure your car can handle it? We know the feeling and getting your car ready for summer is simple and easy. Follow our tips below and let us know of any you have stashed away…

Heatwaves are forecast and a lot of us are staying on solid ground, but with so many places to see in the UK, we are sure you will have some adventures planned. Here is how you can make sure your car is prepped and ready before you start your summer fun.

Check your vitals

Go around your car and check the vitals. From the fluid levels to whether or not the headlights need a clean and a wipe. One that always gets forgotten is the windscreen wiper fluid, which is an utter pain when it does run out! Make sure you check everything and top everything up so you can head out onto the road with confidence.

Interior clean

Give the interior a good gutting! Whether you have crisp packets or old receipts lurking in the car, make sure you give it a good clean out and give it a vacuum as well. Hey, you can even pop a new air freshener in there to make it look and feel a little like new…

Exterior clean

Onto the exterior, give it a clean. Whether you do it yourself or take it to a professional, giving your car a clean will make the world of difference in how it looks, but also how it feels to drive as well. It’s like having that new car feeling, right?

Tyre checks

Check your tyre treads and your tyre pressure, to make sure you are driving legally and safely. It is always a good habit to get into on a weekly basis, but definitely before a trip…

Stock up on essentials

Make sure you have snacks and water for your trip as well as any other essentials you may need!

There you have our tips for getting your car summer ready. If you need a car for the trip or want to look at a new used car, come and speak to the team at LMC.