Choosing a car for long journeys

Jan 11, 2021 | All About Cars | 0 comments

If you head out on a lot of long car journeys, whether it be for commuting or visiting family, we have some tips for you when choosing your next car. We have decades of experience and believe us when we say we have seen it all. Read on to find out what we would consider when choosing a car for long journeys. 


Think about the comfort of the seats in particular and make sure you take a test drive. Uncomfortable seats are bad enough on short journeys, let alone long ones. Comfortable is different for everyone so make sure to try them out.


Performance and cost while being good for the environment. Check out how economical the car is and whether or not you will be fuelling up at every given opportunity. 


You don’t want to be stuck for choice of things to listen to so find a car with a good infotainment system that is easy to navigate. A DAB radio, Bluetooth and voice control are good places to start but not essential! 


Make sure you have everything at arm’s reach, from refreshments to infotainment so you can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

There are a few of our tips but if you need help choosing, come and visit the team at LMC.