What is a Car Supermarket?

Jun 8, 2020 | The Hub | 0 comments

A Car Supermarket. What do you envisage when you see or hear that phrase? Aisles of cars or a scan as you shop approach to car buying? Spoiler alert, it isn’t the latter. A car supermarket offers you a huge choice of used cars at great prices…

You may be familiar with going from dealer to dealer, looking at different makes and models of cars. Going to a MINI dealership and then to a Nissan dealership and so on. With a car supermarket, that wide choice is there at your feet and your fingertips, to browse and examine at your leisure.

At LMC, we pride ourselves on the range of cars we stock but also the service that we offer too. We believe that even though we have a large forecourt and lots of cars to show, that shouldn’t affect how we communicate and how we sell our vehicles to you.

Being a car supermarket, our team are experts in the field of cars and are genuinely passionate about the industry. That means that they can talk your ear off about cars all day long but they can also answer the questions you may have and help you to compare different makes and models side by side. Another perk of coming to a car supermarket.

Car finance is something to also consider. Car supermarkets often work with a number of trusted finance lenders, to maximise your chances of being accepted and to also find you the best deal for your circumstances. In light of this, you get more options in the cars you are choosing, and more options to fund it too.

We are flexible and we are reactive. If there is a car you are looking for and we don’t have it in our stock, we can start that search for you. Due to our network of buyers, we are au fait with the market and know who to contact for certain vehicles, so we are best placed as a car supermarket to find the vehicle that you are searching for – effectively doing the legwork for you!

Car supermarkets are a way of accessing more cars in one place. It shortens your search and saves you time, which is something we all would like more of. Take the hassle out of your search and avoid spending hours driving to and from different dealerships with a wad of finance forms in your hand.

If you would like to find out more about car supermarkets and how we operate, please get in touch with a member of the team.