Things That Might Not Be Covered By Your Insurance

Jan 21, 2020 | All About Cars | 0 comments

When you think you’re covered but there are a few instances when you’re not. 

You’re planning a road trip and want to share the driving

It can be exciting to share the drive with a friend or family member, good music playlists, a nap or two, someone to chat to and making the distance without you doing all the work. However, don’t forget about insurance and don’t trust or assume that the other person has the right insurance. Make sure you get the facts from your provider before travelling!

Insurance for driving an old car to be sold or scrapped

Selling a car privately, taking it to be scrapped, offloading it to a family member, there are so many reasons you might need to drive your vehicle one last time. Make sure to check you’re covered to drive it to a buyer or a scrapyard, it may be easy to overlook these details and be caught up for it later. You can also pick up temporary car insurance ahead of time!

Insurance for driving a new car home

The excitement of buying a new car shouldn’t distract you from your obligation to drive it home insured. Make sure you’ve arranged cover before you set off. Here at LMC we offer 5 days drive away insurance for just £15 to make sure you can get on your way safely. Ask our salesmen for more information!

Borrowing a car for your big move

Moving home? It can be a very stressful time so don’t give yourself extra agg with the car. Make sure to check if your policy covers driving other vehicles if you have to borrow one from a friend or family member. Also pack sensibly and safely, distribute weight evenly and avoid obstructing your view from windows with big bulky boxes or household items. Overloading could invalidate your insurance!

Insurance for test driving a car

Here at LMC Cars we are well prepared for a customer to test drive our vehicles and have insurance in place. Make sure to always double check and ask regarding a dealerships policy as you will not want to be caught out! 

As an uninsured driver, you face a painful minimum penalty of £300 and six penalty points. Always make sure in every situation that you are fully covered by your insurance, better to be safe than sorry!