Car Depreciation

May 23, 2019 | All About Cars | 0 comments


We all know smoking is bad for you as it is. However, did you know it’s awful for your car too? 

A car that has been smoked in on a regular basis can cause physical damage to the interior and a stale ashtray smell. You won’t always be aware of this, you may notice it slightly when you first get in the vehicle however to others it will be unbearable and an instant put off. This will make it difficult to trade in or sell privately. 

The smoke becomes ingrained in the upholstery and trapped in the air conditioning system, which can be difficult to remove. In the most severe cases, the internal fabric and seat cloth may have to be stripped out too.

This process alone can cost hundreds of pounds.


Neglecting your car can be very obvious even if you think it’s not. 

Vital maintenance for example belt changes, filter and fluid replacements helps the engine to run smoother, therefore, making the car not only safer and more reliable but will increase its resale value in the future.

You should also keep records of the car’s service history and MOT certificates. This will be something potential buyers will always ask for when you sell in the future and makes the car more desirable. It will show that you have taken good care of it. 

If you fail to keep up with maintenance and never clean it, it will wear out faster. 


Did you know that if you’ve ever repaired your car with used parts rather than the manufacturer’s originals, it could devalue its overall price? It will also increase the bill for future repairs when they wear out in half the time of genuine parts! 


A car’s colour has a lot to do with the price you’ll get for it. For example Katie Price’s ‘Barbie Pink’ Range Rover. While spraying your car a bright colour to make a statement might seem like a good idea at the time, you might end up regretting it later when trying to sell it. 

Bright paintwork could put off potential buyers, neutral colours such as silver, white and black tend to maintain their value best, whilst bold colours like yellow, green and red might not be worth as much since there is a smaller pool of buyers looking for those hues. 


Just like smoke, pet odours often linger and can make the car look like it’s not been looked after. Try to neutralise the smell and remove any visible pet hair, if there are hairs ingrained in the fabrics it could bring the price of the vehicle down. 

Of course, unless you find a buyer who also owns a dog and plans to take them with them.