Residents Make Money From Their Driveways

May 22, 2019 | All About Cars | 0 comments

Residents in London are making the most of the city’s new Ultra Low Emissions Zone by charging drivers to park in their driveways. 

There’s been a 34% increase in the number of London residents renting out their driveways to motorists looking to avoid the new charge. Drivers who work inside the ULEZ are then continuing their commute into the city centre by taking public transport or cycling, after parking up on someone’s drive – saving the £12.50 daily fee for entering the area.

According to research carried out by YourParkingSpace, road users have prevented 132 tonnes of carbon from being emitted in 12 months by parking out of town. If the London scheme proves a success, it’s thought that other cities across the UK could follow suit and introduce their own ULEZ’s. This means more payouts for astute locals!