Driverless cars – Are they really a good idea?

Mar 30, 2016 | All About Cars | 0 comments

For a long while now there has been talk of driverless cars. Google is probably the biggest name trying out autonomous vehicles and have been very successful in their testing. However, if you think about it, will they ever be as good as having a real person behind the wheel? Will they make the right decision in an emergency situation? What are the knock on effects? 

The first thing that springs to mind is there are those that enjoy driving and those that don’t. Some people will enjoy being chauffeured around. They will be happy to sit back, relax and let the car make the decisions. But what about the people who enjoy driving? They love nothing more than getting in a car and hitting the open roads. They would hate being a permanent passenger. 

If there is an accident, how will insurance companies work out who is a fault? Obviously they will be able to download data from the driverless car but will it give information that is completely black and white? Will it be more of a hassle for actual drivers to make a claim if they have been in an accident with a driverless car?

What would happen to those who use vehicles as part of their job role? In Britain there are an estimated 1 million full or part time workers who use cars, taxis, lorries, trucks and coaches. If everything went driverless what would happen to them? Companies might save money but as a country how would that affect things?

The biggest problem could come from decision making. Could a car replace a human driver and make important, possibly moral decisions? Time will tell. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think driverless cars are a good idea? If we had one in stock would you buy it? Or do you think they will be more trouble than they are worth? Just a fad and will never take off? Leave your comments on our Facebook page and let us know what you think